How Social Media and Technology have Shaped me as a Student

Do we even still see those chalkboards inside our classrooms nowadays? Or what about those whiteboards at least? Education throughout the years has changed a lot based on technology and social media. I am lucky enough to grow up in a generation where I have experienced both before and after the technology inside the classrooms… sort of.

Before Technology                                                            


When Technology Came


History / Evolution

When I think of school or education before, I automatically would think of a classroom where there are green boards and chalks. Now, the image would be a room full of bright shining screens inside a classroom, at least 20 of them.

The very first device invented in the classroom is The Horn-Book. Students before use this device to copy alphabets or bilabial verses.


In the year 1957, students in the classroom started using The Teaching Machine.

Fast forward to 1890, the Chalkboard was discovered. Which I think is the one that almost everyone used and is very popular  up to this day. Although, I think maybe the next generations wouldn’t have any idea what a chalkboard is. I feel like it is going to be one of those historic extinct items.


In the year 1900s, technologies have been invented such as the film projector, radio, headphones, educational television, photocopier and etc.

And in the year 2000s, more advance technologies have been invented such as the iClicker, advanced computers, ipads, tablets, smartphones.


These technologies has really brought education to the next level. It has provided both professors and students convenience and efficiency in learning. But I am talking about university level not elementary or even kindergarten level. When I heard about kindergarten students using these technologies like iPads in their classrooms, it made me wonder. I asked, “Is it really necessary?”

Study shows that kids who use technologies like iPads or computer on a daily bases brings negative side effects to students. Such as, lack of privacy, obesity, lack of social skills and etc.

But let’s face it. We live in a technological world. Everywhere we go, everywhere we look, we see technology. So I guess it is wise for kindergarten teachers to incorporate technology to the way kids learn inside the classroom. It is sort of like saying we don’t really have a choice but to teach these kids on how to use these modern technology.

How about the university students?

Being a university student myself, I find technologies and social media very helpful indeed. It just makes everything so convenient and easy. For example, with just a click of a button, we can find on the internet what we are looking for. And with social media, we can easily keep in touch with our group members.

However, it has it’s downside as well. Obviously, technologies could be very distracting especially when you are using them inside the classroom to take down notes and not to mention social media. In addition to that, all universities and colleges now offer online courses.

Online course is the best example of the change in education because of technology. Because of social media and technology, students can now choose to take online courses. Obviously, this means that student don’t have to go to school to learn. This also lessens the chances of students to talk to other fellow students face to face.

To summarize, I feel positive about  what technology has done to our education. Some people may dislike it, but wake up. Look around you. Look where our world is heading, technologies are everywhere and whether we like it or not we need to learn them and use them for a better future.

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